Barbara Ortner

ICIS Head of Market Reporting


Barbara has been with ICIS for more than 20 years, specialising in petrochemical market reporting. After covering markets including aromatics, fertilizers, olefins, solvents and glycols, she managed the European editorial team in London for ten years as well as spending time as managing editor of the Singapore team. Her current role covers global methodology and quality, and interim management of the China editorial team.

Stephen Burns

ICIS Editorial Director


Stephen Burns is Editorial Director with global responsibility for the Chemicals, Energy and Fertilizer reporting teams as well as the News and ICB content areas.

Jan Ahrens

ICIS Director Market Analysis


Jan Ahrens is Corporate Development Director at ICIS and is responsible for the energy analytics portfolio expansion. From 2010 to 2016, he was responsible for the emissions trading analytics business – in team with Ingo Tschach for the first 4 years. Before co-founding Tschach Solutions (which was sold to ICIS in June 2013), Jan worked as carbon market analyst at Noble Group and the German utility EnBW. He holds a diploma in economics from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

Philipp Ruf

ICIS Lead Analyst – EU Carbon Markets


Philipp Ruf is the lead analyst for the European carbon market at ICIS Tschach Solutions. Since joining the organisation in 2012 he has been responsible for quantitative and qualitative research to forecast fundamentals and price developments in the EU ETS. Philipp leads a team of seven analysts that helps compliance companies, traders and governments to navigate through the EU emissions trading system.

Prior to his work at ICIS Tschach Solutions, Philipp was an EU policy assistant at IETA’s Brussels office working on regulatory changes surrounding the EU ETS.

Joseph Chang

ICIS Global Editor

Joe headshot 2015

Joseph Chang is Global Editor of ICIS Chemical Business, a weekly publication focusing on making sense of chemical prices worldwide. This includes price trends, and the factors impacting these trends in both the short term, and long term. He has been with ICIS and one of its predecessor publications for over 20 years, specializing in coverage of financial topics such as macroeconomics, capital spending patterns, equity and debt markets, and mergers and acquisitions. Joseph has a degree in Finance and International Business from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

William Lemos

ICIS Deputy Editorial Director


William Lemos joined ICIS in 2006 in Houston and has covered a range of petrochemical markets, including the flagship US reports on ethylene and propylene. After four years managing the European editorial team in London, William returned to Houston in 2017 and now serves as Deputy Editorial Director. William has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Journalism from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo.

Rebecca Clarke

Managing Editor, Europe


Based in London, Rebecca has been with ICIS for nine years, specialising in fertilizers. She has covered all products as a reporter – nitrogen, ammonia, phosphates, sulphur and potash – but currently covers urea and now manages the European editorial team.

ICIS Energy media experts

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Liao Na

ICIS Analytical Director (China)


Liao has over 15 years of analysis experience in the oil & gas market, covering crude/refinery, distillate, fuel oil, LPG & LNG and lubricants. Liao Na is also strategic advisor to authoritative associations and administrations, like NDRC, MOFCOM and CPCA (China Petroleum Circulation Association). She has led many research and consulting projects, including the refining industry, terminals & storage, demand & supply forecast, and new market entry.

Ken Yin

ICIS China Senior Information Manager (Chemical)


Ken has more than 15 years’ experience in Chemical Industry. With continuously paying attention to the market trends of Chinese coal-based chemicals and olefins under the background of the global energy structure adjustment, Ken has accumulated experiences in consulting projects including Market Entry Feasibility & Strategy, Expansion Strategy and M&A, Sourcing & Distribution, project evaluation, data base management.

Amber Liu

ICIS Senior manager, China


Amber specialises in olefins and derivatives with more than 10 years of experience. She has given dozens of speeches at conferences across the globe, and authored many industrial reports such as the China olefins market, China Tyres Industry Study and the series of China Rubber annual reports. She is also a member of the ICIS China team of training specialists and takes charge of the design and delivery of the courses.

Navy Liu

ICIS China, Information Director (Energy)


Navy has been in ICIS China Energy since 2002 and manages ICIS China’s team of oil analysts. He has a comprehensive understanding of China’s refining and petroleum industries. With over 15 years of research experience in China’s petroleum market, he covers industry chains of crude, gasoline, gasoil, fuel oil, base oils, LPG, bitumen and petroleum coke. He also has a good understanding of the natural gas and coal industries, as well as oil product storage and transportation..

Chris Qi

ICIS China Information Senior Director


With more than 16 years of experience working in the chemical intelligence sector, Chris has a mass of industrial knowledge and working experience in chemicals, including plastics, aromatics and fibres. Chris has been invited by major Chinese chemical enterprises to deliver keynote speeches and training. Chris Qi currently managers a team of 30+ editors in ICIS China.

Soo Hwee Peh

Managing Editor, Asia and the Middle East


Soo Hwee Peh has been with the company for a decade, covering the key benchmark olefins markets of ethylene and propylene in Asia. She also previously reported on a wide variety of petrochemical markets ranging from solvents to engineering plastics and also delivered olefins presentations at several key industry conferences. Soo Hwee currently manages a fast-expanding team of close to 30 editors in Singapore.