Talent development

Talent Development

Our Philosophy
At RBI we are committed to providing an environment where our employees can continually grow and develop their careers with us. As we encounter exciting new phases in the development of our business we want to ensure that we attract great talent into our organisation and then provide our employees with the tools and opportunities to grow their skills as we grow the business together.

Learning Opportunities
We are dedicated to providing innovative, leading-edge learning opportunities for our global employee base at every level of the organisation. We focus on Talent Management, Leadership Development, Management Development and Core and Professional Skill Development. Utilising a blended approach to learning we offer in-person programmes as well as a wide-range of E-Learning opportunities designed to meet the flexible needs of our employees. So, if you are looking to continually develop new and existing skills we can provide that opportunity both through formal learning and by providing challenging roles and work assignments in a truly global, innovative environment. The potential to learn on the job, and from other highly skilled and motivated colleagues is limitless at RBI.

Career Development
We believe in supporting our employees to develop their careers within and across our organisation. For some this means progressing into more senior or larger roles, for others this is about developing depth of knowledge or specialist skills in a chosen field or industry. Whatever you choose we’ll support you, all we ask in return is that you commit to your ongoing development and proactively manage your career.