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  • Sales

    Do you thrive on delivering exceptional results and have a natural ability to communicate, engage and build relationships?

    At RBI, our sales teams take ownership of incredible products that make a huge difference each and every day to the customers who use them.

    We work in dynamic and fast-changing markets and in our world of business-to-business products and services you’ll find that every day is different.

    Understanding your customers is vital – and we are committed to continual training programmes which drive a deep knowledge of our customers and what they need from us.

    We have a culture of collaboration where our sales people meet, discuss and workshop with their team members and key stakeholders which
    ensure we meet and deliver products that are invaluable for our customers.

    Joining our professional sales team guarantees you will have a product or service you’re proud of selling – in every, single one of our markets. And with many markets such as finance, agriculture, chemicals and HR, you will have the opportunity to develop your career across all of these markets globally.

  • Technology

    Do you want to work with leading-edge technology, have the freedom to innovate, be collaborative and have outstanding career development opportunities?

    In the ever-evolving world of technology, finding a company that provides leading-edge technology allied with the freedom to innovate, outstanding career development opportunities, superb benefits, a collegial and collaborative culture, and a commitment to work life balance can be a challenge.

    Technologists all too often find themselves in smaller businesses with interesting tech but lacking stability and scope for future development, in larger corporates with stability but uninspiring work, or jumping from client to client on the contract market.

    Here at RBI we’re different. On the one hand, we’re a global business, so stability, benefits and career scope are outstanding; on the other hand we run small and dynamic teams of talented technologists who work closely using exciting technology to deliver world-class products and services.

    All of this is wrapped up in a forward-thinking and technology-driven culture where all opinions matter and innovation leads the way, so if you’re an ambitious technologist looking for the best-of-both-worlds, look no further.

  • Product

    We deliver products that our customers love, so our product teams are at the heart of our business. You could be too....

    With our strong product discovery process in place, we know that our solutions work for our customers, and our product teams work hard to collaborate with our tech partners, our customer insight team, and our data and content teams to ensure we deliver products quickly.

    With a great portfolio of products that will ensure our future growth, our product teams are at the centre of our global business.

    If you have vision, and are results driven, with an eye for detail and a strong customer focus, RBI can offer you the opportunity to work across a global data business.

    What are you waiting for?

  • Business Support

    Do you want a career in one of our global support departments, working with our business across the globe, where you are a valued part of a team with exciting career opportunities?

    From Finance to Marketing, HR to Administration, no two business support roles at RBI are the same, but they all help to support our products and services, making them be the most successful they can be.

    Working at RBI is exciting and ever changing. We invest in the latest technologies which make us move forward and become successful in an environment where business information, data and analytics are vital to our customers.

    Whatever you do in Business Support, RBI is the place to grow your career.

  • Data

    Our customers gain valuable insights from our data every, single day, and you could be a key part of that...

    If you’re looking for an exciting and rewarding career in data and content, RBI is the place to be.

    Our data teams use their advanced data skills to generate new insights for our customers. They perform internal and external business analysis and leverage deep understanding of our customers and their problems.

    And our cutting edge data strategy means that our people work to manipulate, explore, design, visualise and evaluate our data, to provide key operational insights and market intelligence.
    You’ll get the chance to collaborate in cross-functional teams which will give you a wide view of our business, and you’ll work closely with our customers to ensure we know their business.

    Our data teams work across most of our products and services, from aerospace to finance, chemicals to HR, to agriculture and you’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills across these markets globally.

  • Graduate Scheme

    RBI have a thriving graduate scheme; whether you’re a budding web developer, designer, data scientist, network engineer, or management accountant...

    Our carefully planned 2-3 year programs will provide you with what you need to fulfil your potential. Here at RBI we know that everybody is different so the training and development that we offer is tailored to your needs, you’ll receive a blend of classroom and on-the-job training alongside daily real-world experience in a respected, dynamic and growing global business which combined will allow you to develop your career at the pace and in the direction that’s right for you.

    Our graduate programs typically begin in December/January with assessment centres February-April and start dates in early September. If you would like to apply or would like to learn more about the opportunities on offer please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Heather Belka, Business Analyst, US

“RBI is definitely a forward thinking company in terms of technology.

I really enjoy the ability to travel as part of my job… it’s unexpected to get that kind of opportunity working in technology. ”

Eric Chua, Software Engineering Manager, US

“Our people are very laid back and they just like talking technology. You might say we're a bunch of geeks.

As a team we try to be like a family... a community. ”

Our people make the difference

We’re proud of our high-performance culture and our highly performing teams and individuals.

And that means we’re passionate, we’re committed and we’re engaged; we encourage, recognise and celebrate success.

We’re striving to make our company the best place to work, which means we have performance-based pay, performance bonuses, generous vacation time, volunteering days and much more.

We encourage our teams to be innovative – it’s at the core of our business. Innovation requires candour, collaboration and willingness to try, and that’s what we want from you.

We want you to be collaborative – to share your expertise and opinions, and to learn from others.

We need our teams to be agile and focused – to be able to move fast and be flexible so that we can give our customers what they need as soon as they need it.