Date: 1 August 2017

Proagrica announces International Week for Smart Food Production initiative

Proagrica, together with GFIA Europe and VIV Europe, has announced the first International Week for Smart Food Production will take place next year from 18 -22 June in the Netherlands.

The week will be full of innovation and new technologies. Experts from around the world can visit well-established events in the animal protein sector (VIV Europe), agribusiness and horticulture (GFIA Europe) and food technology (Future Food Manufacturing Expo). The week will also be filled with a plethora of side events and technical tours..

Roel Leferink, Publishing Director Proagrica NL and Global said: “Proagrica has a mission to empower and connect people and businesses in order to feed and fuel the world sustainably. We are very proud to launch this initiative with our partners and we look forward to the opportunities this week will provide for everyone across the industry. We will welcome thousands of the world’s most influential people in industry, science and government to discuss policy, strategy and innovative solutions for today and the future.”

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