Date: 11 January 2016

Reed Business Netherlands announces intended sale of Elsevier Weekly and BeleggersBelangen Magazine to New Skool Media

Reed Business Netherlands, part of RELX Group, has announced its intention to sell all publishing activities with regard to Elsevier Weekly and BeleggersBelangen magazine to New Skool Media.

It is intended that the publishing activities will be transferred to a new entity called ONE Business, with New Skool Media as the majority shareholder and Reed Business Netherlands as the minority shareholder.

The strategy of Reed Business Netherlands is increasingly to focus on providing information solutions and analytics for professional customers across global industries. As a result, Reed Business Netherlands intends to withdraw from the consumer market with the aforementioned publishing activities. New Skool Media is a publishing and media company focusing on the Dutch consumer market. Therefore, the publishing activities of Elsevier Weekly and BeleggersBelangen magazine fit well with the focus of New Skool Media.

Going forward, RELX Group intends to associate the Elsevier brand name exclusively with its scientific, technical and medical activities in order to avoid confusion.

The intended sale relates to the following activities and related assets and liabilities: Elsevier Weekly Magazine, Elsevier Weekly Magazine Online, Elsevier Juist, Elsevier Weekly Magazine Style, Elsevier Weekly Magazine Events, Elsevier Weekly Magazine Specials, Elsevier Weekly Magazine Books, BeleggersBelangen,,, Grip op je Vermogen, and Lead Solutions. All 106 affected Reed Business Netherlands employees will take up employment with New Skool Media.

The intended sale is subject to the completion of the customary consultation procedures with the works council’s of Reed Business Netherlands and New Skool Media, and with the Editorial Board (‘Redactieraad’) and Editorial Staff Meeting (‘Redactievergadering’) of Elsevier Weekly magazine.

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